1. Student Spotlight: Grace Kurowski
    26 Feb, 2019
    Student Spotlight: Grace Kurowski
    By Gracelin Clark          As the year comes to a close, many seniors eagerly search for a job to earn money for leisure or college payments. Most students are only temporarily working at their current job, and not considering it as their future career. However, there are a few who are able to profit from their current job and see it as step towards their career path. One such student is senior Grace Kurowski, who has successfully started her own unique scarf business and plans to cultivate this

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  1. Spirit of the Arts: Highlights
    Spirit of the Arts: Highlights
    Chiles Band performs during Spirit of the Arts
  2. Men and Women's Chorus
    Men and Women's Chorus
  3. Men's Chorus
    Men's Chorus
  4. Jazz Band
    Jazz Band
    Students interested in joining Jazz Band can sign up for the seventh period class with Mr. German
  5. Chalk Walk in progress
    Chalk Walk in progress
  6. Chalk walk in Progress
    Chalk walk in Progress
    Art and Design students work on their chalk masterpieces throughout the day
    1. 14th Annual Chalk Walk
      14th Annual Chalk Walk
      Some of the best works of art from our talented students!